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What on earth is generative learning?

Self-paced learning doesn’t cut it anymore. 

Cohort-based learning is expensive and does not personalize it enough. 

So we dreamt of a world where learning is done just right for you.

We didn’t stop there. We got language models and generative AI to help you create your own private course, unique to your learning style.

We have deep knowledge in machine learning and natural language processing.

We are building new products that tailor the web of content to your learning style, in the form of experience drops.

Our first drop was our broadn mobile app, followed by the AI-in-the-middle newsletter.

Learning through search

Our newest upcoming experience drop is to show how topical searches would look like, in this case, learning about product management through expert opinions from Lenny Rachitsky and his guests.

These are the possibilities we have built into the learning experience. 

  • find out what Lenny's guests have to say about a topic
  • get the core ideas first via a summary, then dive into the arguments
  • play the conversation from where it matters to you

We have received immense love and appreciation for our products to date.

Limited beta opening up in Jan 2023.

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