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From delegating tasks to reliably getting work done, you're in trusted hands.

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Meet Herbie - your Super Employee

Herbie is more than a personal assistant. He’s an expert at… well pretty much everything: marketing, research, sales - you name it!

Herbie doesn't just answer questions in a chatbox, he gets complex tasks done - on his own, whilst you carry on with your work.

Just send him an email. He’ll dutifully execute and report back when he's done.

A marketing team in one

Herbie writes high-quality content. All the other content generators don’t quite get there in terms of content you can just publish.

Because he is connected to the Internet, he writes the type of current, relevant material that you can’t stop reading.

The research department of Herbie

Can’t wait to hire someone to carry out research and stay on top of competitors, market trends, and research development?

Herbie quietly gets the tedious, boring work done. Legend has it that he once accomplished in just 3 hours what would have taken 10 people an entire week.

I need a business analyst! Said everyone without access to Herbie

Herbie can spin off presentations and collect insights from internal and external data, faster than you can summon an intern.

He makes you look like a numbers guru even if you failed algebra. He can also count to a million without getting lost, unlike chatGPT.

Designed for the smart and lazy

To be honest there's a fine line between the two.

We believe life is too short to be doing boring, repetitive tasks. So don't. Let Herbie do them.

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